Timber Resin Splice

Timber beams and joists can be repaired with a Timber Resin Splice. The process involves the removal of sub-standard damaged wood, perhaps caused by pests such as woodworm or by damp and rot. The original timber is often left in situ with props in place to support loads whilst work is in progress.

A new timber section is then created to match the original timber that was removed. The new timber is then joined to the original wood using Helical Bars or glass reinforced resin rods. Epoxy resin is applied to bond the two together.

A Timber Resin Splice can also be carried out to strengthen purlins, tie beams and carrier joists. Grooves are cut into the side of the timber and a strengthening rod is inserted. Epoxy resin is then injected to bond the materials together, leaving the rod embedded in the timber. This approach is very similar to to way in which Crack Stitch Repairs are carried out on masonry.

The resin can be smoothed to provide an acceptable surface finish or you can create a matching wood-filler using a mix of glue with the reserved sawdust.

Timber resin repairs can be carried out by specialist contractors such as ProTen Services, Rotafix and Rentokil. Timber Resin Repair Kits are available from suppliers such as Triton Systems and Timbabuild. Helical bar suppliers include Twistfix, Permagard, Screwfix, Thor Helical, Ancon and Helifix.

When repairing timber it is important to obtain professional advice from a structural engineer to ensure the work being carried out is appropriate.

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